Pen Pal Project

Romance and Love: Dead or Alive?

Pen Pal Project #11

Francis Lee
6 min readSep 14, 2023


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Welcome to our collaborative series where Gen (Genevieve) and Francis (both Medium writers) become companions of the written word. Through these intimate letters, we embark on a poignant voyage, sharing our innermost thoughts, cherished experiences, and profound discoveries. As pen pals navigating the digital landscape, we weave together the threads of our lives, exploring the depths of both profound and everyday subjects. Each letter offers you a glimpse into our worlds, an open invitation to join us in forging connections and engaging in contemplation. Come, embark on this journey of shared expressions, as we unravel the captivating intricacies of friendship and the enduring power found within the written word.

September 15, 2023

Dear Gen,

You wrote:

Here goes my first attempt at convincing you that romance isn’t dead.

It doesn’t seem that the discussion is about whether romance is dead or alive. On the contrary, romance is omnipresent. You can’t escape it if you tried.

There is no right and wrong here. The discussion is what does love and romance mean to us individually.

I believe that there are as many definitions of love and romance as there are people on this planet. The question I would pose is:

Is your definition of love and romance serving you?

If our definition is serving us then that’s a wonderful thing. By all means, continue with that path. If it isn’t serving us, we might consider trying something new.

My Definition of Love and Romance

Rather than try to put the definition of love into my own words, I’ll use a quote that describes my definition so eloquently.

The actual flow of love has to do with you and your heart. It has nothing to do with anybody…



Francis Lee

My daily intention is to live in Nothingness. In this space of nothingness, there resides pure joy. There is no wanting or waiting here, just surrendering.