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My stories curated into delectable delights of categories.

Francis Lee
2 min readMay 8


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Here are my best stories. Imagine that these are books with short stories. Do you remember the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books? Much thanks to Annie Trevakis for the instructions!

Gen and Francis: The Pen Pal Project Stories

3 stories

Triumphs of the Human Spirit

15 stories
An abstract painting representing the imaginary world we live in. The physical universe doesn’t exist nor does time.
A drag queen

Matters of the Heart: Tales of Passion, Pain, and Growth

8 stories
An original painting of two souls in the afterlife.
Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind with a sunset.

Writer's Journey to Success

6 stories
On top of the world

Poems From the Heart

5 stories

The Human Comedy

11 stories
A robot
A couple embraced in yab yum position.

Golden Gems: Assorted misfit stories with hidden treasures.

3 stories

To create your own curated best stories, visit Annie Trevaskis and read her instructions.



Francis Lee

My daily intention is to live in Nothingness. In this space of nothingness, there resides pure joy. There is no wanting or waiting here, just surrendering.